Jamie and Claire in 1x03 The Way Out

i’d go to the end of the world for her ;  o r   t i m e .

                     i   w a n t    t o    t h a n k   yo u  ,   k i l l i a n .
                    for going  b a c k   f o r   m e  in the first place. 

when we met, i wasn’t just - unloved and unloving. i was an enemy of love. love had only brought me pain. my walls were up, but you brought them down. 
                 y  o   u       b   r   o   u   g  h   t       m   e      h   o   m  e .

make me choose → hersilverarrow  asked: Peter & Gwen or Blair & Chuck

Not love. Not always.


→ 1x14 | I Shall Believe
"Look, I know I talk a lot when I’m nervous… Actually, I’m pretty gabby all the time but my stupid quotient kind of goes sky high when I’m flipped out and meeting my boyfriend’s mother in the hospital with all of this going on is pretty much off the stress charts for me."

tonight I can write the saddest lines

Logan & Veronica Appreciation Week: Day 5: Favourite Friendly Moment
↳ 1x15 Ruskie Business - “Hey Veronica, uh… Thanks for helping out with this.”

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